Molly's Dream

1) What dream does Molly have?

Molly dreamt of sewing a dream picture with geese, ducks and dogs using yarn and thread to make the sampler of the dream picture.  She wanted to sew a house in the middle, which would  remind her of her family back in Scotland. But most importantly, she wanted to become like Mrs.Simmons. Kind, has courage, skilled and intelligent. Molly wanted to become a business woman when she grew up just like Mrs.Simmons even though she was an indentured servant. Molly dreamt of going to live with her brother Willie when they were eighteen who was also an indentured servant in America. 

2)What will she need to do to make her dream come true?

She will need to be eighteen in order to be free to make this dream come true. With her freedom in America she can do whatever she wants and not be an indentured servant. Molly has her contract with Mrs.Simmons for seven years and in the duration of those seven years, Mrs.Simmons has taught Molly to sew samples and has made Molly learn how to read and write. Part of Molly's dream is to become a business woman which means she must be well educated which would not have happened if Molly was living in Scotland.  Another part of Molly's dream was to sew her dream picture. This wouldn't have happened if she hadn't worked for Mrs.Simmons. 

A New Kind of Freedom

1) What convinced Johann to go to America?

Johann was convinced to go to America because of what Pastor Vogel said. There was so much more land in "the new land" than in Europe. There was so much land that Johann could have 450 acres of land for free! There was a lot of freedom too because the people could worship whoever they wanted to. In Europe, If you were caught worshiping a god in your religion you would be arrested.

2) How did he feel about the decision later?

He felt good about his decision because a lot of the people from Germany (the country that he was living in before moving to America) were living there with him so it was like his whole neighborhood had just moved from Germany to America. Also, a lot of crops grew, rye, oats and barley and then they could try growing new things because of the bigger fields and different culture of foods. The Indians grew Indian corn so they tried growing Indian corn as well.


Many settlers who settled in America were Europeans. They came to America from the May Flower. Some were poor and wanted new land. America had a big amount of unpopulated land compared to Europe.Others moved because of religious intolerance- In America there was very less. They also moved because it was expensive in Europe and wanted to buy things at a cheaper rate. That is why they all immigrated from Europe into the new land America.

Essential Questions

Why do people move?

There are many, many reasons. Some people move because they are poor and can't afford the expenses in the place they are living in. They might move because they want more land, money and freedom like the immigrants who came to America did. Some people might move because there is war in their country or because of their jobs. People move because they want better education, a cleaner environment and a healthier place to live. People like to experience different places and therefor they move into other places.

What happens when people don't think, act, or speak like you do?

Sometimes you can be friends with them. Or, you may be mean to them and stay away from them. Some people think the other people are weird and stay away from them. There are a lot of different reactions people have when they encounter people who don't think, act or speak the way you do.